Staff Day 2015
October 13, 2015
Susan Grossman, Development Officer

“Libraries are the cornerstones of the communities they serve,”

Jeff Miles made this statement at the opening of his inaugural “State of the Pioneer Library System Foundation” address on Columbus Day. OK, ok, so it was not nearly that formal. Miles had a captive audience at the annual Pioneer Library System Staff Day meeting held on Monday, October 12 offering the perfect opportunity for the President of the Board to unveil new plans for our work.

What better place to promote PLS Foundation efforts than with the very people for whom we advocate – our librarians!

As we look forward to Calendar Year 2016, the PLS Foundation will implement a new logo, mission and vision statement, a new strategic fundraising plan and a three-year financial forecast. We want the PLS staff to know, after five years of existence, we are ramping things up to ensure the financial future of our 11-branch system and we want their help! Creating a culture of philanthropy in PLS begins with us, the staff. Being an organization with staff support is important to not only our external donors, but also our library system. We can say our librarians talk the talk, and walk the walk by financially supporting their own foundation!

PLSFDN.ORG: Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk with the PLS Foundation in 2016